August 1st, 2016: The Journey Begins


Hello there! This is my first post of my first blog on the day I decided to start writing things. I am so excited about this. I don’t know why but I do. Why did I decide to write? Because I always had that dream, like my daddy before me. So I started writing songs and writing stories. JK! Those lines rang a bell? Yes it’s Lukas Graham, lol.

I honestly don’t know for sure, but pouring down all my thoughts, feelings, and imaginations here can calm me down. INTROVERT ALERT. No, seriously! Sometimes lying down on my bed, doing nothing, and letting my brain to travel to the furthest and deepest ocean of thoughts are the best things to do. Now that I started to write, I can share them with all of you!

Book, TV Show, and Movie writers may also responsible to my growth of interest in writing. It’s amazing how you can play with words and expressions to deliver your own imaginations clearly to other people and how you can manage to play with story plots and how to put some mysterious things and hanging endings so that it will be a braintwisting, yet mindblowing creation! I had a dream that someday, if Jesus let me, I am going to be a blockbuster movie producer, or a professional writer.

For now, just let this blog to be my journal and my medium to practice my English. I’m a beginner, so yeah, if my writings don’t make sense and not interesting at all or you see some gramatical errors and mispelled words in my posts,  I’m sorry and let me know!


See, I misspelled two words up there.

That would be all for my first post. YEAH I JUST PUBLISHED MY FIRST WRITING!!!




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