August 6th, 2016: Thirty Minutes Ago

Quiet, sad, empty, exhausted upon our arrival to the house. We’ve tried not to, and we knew we shouldn’t, but our hearts were crying and our eyes were screaming louder than ever before, we couldn’t help it. We all gathered in front of the house, we felt unwelcome, perhaps because of the mist surrounding each one of us, on that cold night, but it, strangely, welcomed us to the house. It ran quickly toward us from inside the house, passed the gate by crawling under, and greeted us like it’d known us so well. We ignored it, thinking that it was nothing but a lost cat.”It” was a cat. The cat kept following us when the house gate opened and we entered the house.


It was Saturday morning when I woke up. Waking up early in the morning and realizing that it is a holiday was a really great thing. It was also in the beginning of my one month school holiday and I got plenty of nice things to do to spend my holiday, like sleeping and eating, and watching, and playing games, and eating, and sleeping, and sleeping. Well… not that many and that nice, but I loved it and just keep it that way, okay. Oh, anyway, it was less than two weeks before the premiere of Dark Matter Season 2.

That morning, I decided to watch some YouTube videos. It has been a habit for me to watch some cool videos to start my day, humans are awesome! So, I took my Ipad, and started searching videos and watching them.

Thirty minutes, I was still lying on my bed and staring at the screen with an earphone in my ears. That thirty minutes, my life was about to change, I heard someone was screaming downstairs. Loud scream. And then a cry. Loud cry. Real pain cry. I knew it. Deep down in my heart, I knew what has happened, I wanted to go down and check it out, but I couldn’t move, I was too scared. Instead, I pressed the volume up button to the max, thinking that the sound could eventually cover up the scream. I just didn’t want to hear my mom screaming in pain like that, crying in pain like that, but the scream was too sharp, I just couldn’t help it.

I walked down the stairs, hoping that I would, somehow, fall down and wake up and realize that it was a dream, but when I stepped on the last stair, I knew it was real. In the corner of my eye, I saw my mother sitting beside him on the bed. She was still crying. I walked into the room and I saw him. His face was very white, in fact his whole body was white. For a second I thought that he was okay and he was just sleeping , and the other second I understood that he’s gone. “He” is my 79-year-old grandpa.

Thirty minutes ago, he was walking me to school.

Thirty minutes ago, he was walking beside me while I was riding my bike.

Thirty minutes ago, I was giving him a glass of water.

Thirty minutes ago, I was watching him painting the wall.

Thirty minutes ago, we were sitting together to see the rain.

Thirty minutes ago, I entered his room and I played there.

Thirty minutes ago, he got mad at me because I woke him up while playing in his room.

Thirty minutes ago, I saw him lying on the floor.

Thirty minutes ago, I watched the ambulance took him to hospital.

Thirty minutes ago, someone told me that he was suffering from stroke.

Thirty minutes ago, I saw him lying on the hospital bed.

Thirty minutes ago, I saw him sitting on a wheelchair.

Thirty minutes ago, I saw him lying on his bed, powerless.

I felt like it had just been thirty minutes since I first saw him and that very day, I lost him, but I knew that God did that for the best.
He is happy now, he can walk, he feels healthy and free, he can see us from above, and he will be celebrating his 80th birthday upon the altar of peace in Heaven. He will never really leave us, because he will still be in our hearts forever.

If tears could build a stairway,
And memories a lane,
I’d walk right up to Heaven
And bring you home again.

Romans 14:8
If we live, we live for the Lord; and if we die, we die for the Lord. So, whether we live or die, we belong to the Lord.


On the night of the day we (my family and I) released the cremation remains to the sea, a cat, yes there was a cat, that was like waiting for us at home. We’ve never seen this cat. It’s also confusing how the cat picked our house, because there’re many houses there. The cat’s also different from other street cats. It’s cute and it looked like someone has taken care of it. Coincidence? Still don’t know.

Yesterday was the 49th day after my grandpa’s death, and as tradition, we held a ceremony and prayed for him.

We’ve decided to keep and feed the cat. The cat will sometimes go missing and it will return back to our house.

From Dust We Came to Dust We Shall Return

✞ In memory of our beloved grandpa ✞
We love you


If you’re having a bad day or if you’re feeling sad,

I’ve got something for you:

This is the cat:


1470481713356Thanks to my sista for the photos 


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